The Care Management Physician Certification (CMPC) was developed and launched by the Association of Physician Leadership in Care Management in 2021. It is designed specifically for physician advisors and physician leaders in health care delivery system care management.

Who can take the CMPC Examination?

The CMPC examination is available to licensed physicians in the United States, with a current Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), or equivalent designation. There is no specific requirement for work experience to sit for the exam, but a minimum of two (2) years of experience as a physician advisor in care management is recommended.

How do I apply to take the exam?

Applications to take the exam are available on this website (click Apply for CMPC in the certification tab at the top of this page). If you have questions, you may call the national APLCM office at (501) 227-5400.

When can I take the CMPC examination?

Candidates may submit their application at any time and test immediately upon receipt of application approval. Testing may be done as quickly as the selected test site has availability for the exam. All applications must be accompanied by full payment of application fees to be considered complete and ready for approval.

Upon receipt of approval, candidates will receive a scheduling notice from APLCM's testing partner and will be directed to schedule their examination with the test partner via phone or online portal.

Where can I take the exam?

APLCM partners with PSI Services to administer the CMPC examination. PSI operates 350+ testing centers across the country. A list of available testing centers will be available after August 1, 2021.

View the PSI Test Center Experience Video

How much does the exam cost?

The application fee is $475. Candidates deemed ineligible to sit for the examination will receive a refund of the examination fee, less a $75 processing fee.

Candidates must take the exam within twelve (12) months of receipt of application approval. Candidates can reschedule an examination within the same testing period if they contact PSI within two business days prior to their scheduled exam. (To reschedule an exam, call PSI at (855) 539-0716. Do not contact the assessment center directly.)

If a candidate fails to report for an examination, fails to appropriately reschedule an examination within two business days of the scheduled testing date or reschedules an examination more than once, the examination registration fees will be forfeited.

What material will be on the exam?

APLCM outlines the content categories publicly available for candidate review. The outline is included within the CMPC Candidate Handbook.

How was the examination content developed?

The content of the CMPC (Care Management Physician Certification) examination is defined by a national job analysis study. The study was initially performed in 2020 and involved surveying practitioners in the field to identify tasks that are performed routinely and considered important to competent practice. The examination is developed through a combined effort of qualified subject-matter experts and testing professionals who construct the examination in accordance with the CMPC (Care Management Physician Certification) examination content outline.

How can I verify the status of a CMPC credential?

Status of a CMPC credential can be verified request (mail or e-mail) to the APLCM National Office. Inquiries about an individual’s credential status will be answered with the category, certification number, validation period and statement of standing. Mailed requests can be sent to: APLCM National Office, Attn. Certification Department, 17200 Chenal Parkway Ste 300 #345, Little Rock, AR 72223.

How can I study for the exam?

It is never too early to start making your plan for exam preparation! Start by accessing the CMPC Candidate Handbook to ensure you have the most current information about the test. The handbook contains important information such as examination procedures the content outline, scoring, and policies.

Candidates should also take advantage of any available preparatory workshops or study groups. When purchasing any preparatory course, be aware that APLCM has not provided, to any third party, any details regarding exam content beyond the publicly available materials published on APLCM’s website. Any preparatory course or study materials available from a third party are based on their knowledge, experience, and publicly available information. Preparatory courses may or may not accurately predict the material that is on the examination. No developer of preparatory materials can know for certain what will appear on the examination, nor can they guarantee that you will achieve a passing score on the examination. Be wary of any party making such claims.

What happens if I do not pass the exam? Do I retest?

Candidates who are unsuccessful in passing the exam may restart the examination application process and are responsible for paying a fee for each exam attempt.

What are the recertification requirements?

The CMPC credential is valid for a five (5) year period. Forty (40) hours of continuing medical education (CME) is required to recertify.

NOTE: One (1) continuing education credit (CE) equals one (1) 60-minute hour.

Continuing Medical Education for Recertification Approved CMPC educational programs must be sponsored, presented or approved by one of the CMPC accepted approving organizations, and include courses for which the content/subject matter is specific to either (A) health care delivery system case management or (B) related to the practice of healthcare in the credential holder's field of practice.

CEs must be approved.

Where can I find additional information?

More information regarding the CMPC can be found on the APLCM website and in the Candidate Handbook. APLCM staff is also on hand to answer any questions you may have. Call 501-224-5400.

How do I get my certificate?

APLCM provides an electronic wall certificate to every new and renewing certification holder. You can access your certificate immediately in your certification portal on the APLCM website. Simply log into your account, go to your certification portal and click on "My Credential." Your certificate is available to download or print as a PDF.

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