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Care Management Physician Certification (CMPC)

In an effort to measure and standardize the competence of physician advisors working in care management health delivery systems, the Association of Physician Leadership in Care Management (APLCM) developed the Care Management Physician Certification (CMPC) in 2021. The CMPC credential seeks to improve patient outcomes by establishing national standards and requisite knowledge for the physician advisor role as well as establishing increased visibility for the profession and validation of holders for their engagement and commitment with care management physician leadership.

The CMPC examination is available to licensed physicians in the United States, with a current Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), or equivalent designation. There is no specific requirement for work experience to sit for the exam but a minimum of two(2) years of experience as a physician advisor in care management is recommended. Additional information on criteria, testing and content can be found in the certification information tab.

Topics covered on the CMPC exam include utilization management, clinical documentation improvement, care transitions, advocacy and regulatory compliance, medical necessity reviews, denial management, and education of the care management team. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and is written at three cognitive levels: recall, application and analysis. CMPC exam content was developed through a combined effort of qualified subject-matter experts and testing professionals utilizing a national job analysis survey conducted with practitioners in the field to identify competent practice criteria and draws on the APLCM Physician Advisor Standards of Practice and Scope of Services.

Why Become a Certified Case Management Physician?

Demonstrate your commitment to physician leadership in care management and strengthen our profession as a whole. The CMPC Credential:

Demonstrates your engagement. Earning your certification through APLCM shows your peers, supervisors, and patients your commitment to your chosen career and the case management profession at-large, as well as your ability to perform to set standards.

Strengthens your profession. The CMPC credential seeks to grow, promote, and develop certified professionals who can serve as role models for quality clinical practice as physician advisors and physician leaders in case management.

Validates your competency. Certification is a reflection of personal achievement because you have validated your skillset, specific to the job role you perform, by meeting the set standard. The CMPC tells your current and potential employers that you have the expertise and competencies in our field.

Grants you access to additional knowledge. Certification via the CMPC is a step toward defining yourself beyond a job description or academic degree. The knowledge learned is applicable to providing safe and efficient care while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.

Provides recognition. As a CMPC certificant, expect an increased acknowledgment from your peers for staying on top of best practices through education and training in your professional career.

Additional Information

For additional information related to the exam criteria, preparation, testing locations, policies, development, benefits, FAQs and recertification, please use the certification tab at the top of this page. For additional questions, complete the Contact Us Form or call us at (501) 907-2262.

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